Tennessee Amphitheater



The Tennessee Amphitheater was constructed during the 1982 World’s Fair and during that time, it was home to both country music and classical music concerts. The Sunsphere and the Tennessee Amphitheater are the only structures that remain from the 1982 World’s Fair. After the Fair’s close, the Amphitheater continued to be used for various activities until it was closed in 1998 for construction of the new Convention Center and renovation of the World’s Fair site. Once these projects were complete, the Amphitheater reopened briefly until it was closed again in 2002 due to structural problems.


However, in 2005, Mayor Bill Haslam announced that the Sunsphere and Tennessee Amphitheater would be renovated for public use. In 2007 he announced that they would be renovated without use of taxpayer’s money. Later that year, the Sunsphere’s Observation Deck reopened to the public free of charge and Mayor Haslam held his Inaugural Address, for his second term in office, in the Amphitheater. This was the first event to be held in the structure after being closed and empty for years.


Park Hours - 6:00 a.m. until midnight



• No skateboarding

• Keep pets on leashes and curb your pet

• No littering

• No pets allowed in the fountain

• Vending, solicitation or use of alcoholic beverages without proper permits is prohibited

• Use of charcoal grills is prohibited

Glass containers are prohibited in the fountain area only

• Cleats/spikes are not allowed on the lawn

• No swimming or wading in the lake

• Vehicles are not allowed on the lawns/sidewalks without permission (865) 254-1534



Eleventh Street, Clinch Avenue and World’s Fair Park Drive provide direct vehicular access to numerous parking areas:



WFP North Lot (100 car spaces and four bus spaces)

Blackstock Lot (364 spaces)

Locust Street Garage (642 spaces)




PARK PATROL: (865) 215-2246


The park is staffed by Park Patrol officers at all times. Emergency phones are located throughout the park. All visitors are subject to video monitoring while on these premises.


    Stage Size"82 feet in length and "56 feet in width CapacitySeating for 1,000 Commercial Rate$300 per day*. Any event lasting over three days will receive a 25% reduction on the per day cost beginning on the fourth day Non-Profit Rate (Must provide copy of charter)$200 per day. Any event lasting over three days will receive a 25% reduction on the per day Cost beginning on the fourth day Power200-amp disconnect with 100-amps of total powering thirteen 110-volt outlets at back side of Stage and on each ramp; all 3-phase; all power sourced at the Stage Backstage Phone LinesPromoter/Lessee responsibility Cable TV LinesPromoter/Lessee responsibility EquipmentRefer to section 3.1 of Lease Ticket BoothsPromoter/Lessee responsibility Backstage AccessPromoter/Lessee responsibility Backstage Office FacilitiesAdequate parking nearby Restrooms – Security BuildingWomen's - 11 stalls including a handicapped stall. Men's - 2 stalls including one accessible, 7 urinals Restrooms – Under Clinch Avenue BridgeWomen's - 12 stalls including a handicapped stall. Men's - 5 stalls including one accessible, 2 urinals Portable ToiletsProvided by promoter/event Sponsor/lessee EntrancesOpen SecurityPromoter/Lessee responsibility PermitsStandard permits required by City of Knoxville – see attached permit information Seat CleaningPromoter/Lessee responsibility to clean seats; Park Custodial available to clean seats at $35 person per hour * Any event lasting 3 hours or more, including move-in and move-out, is considered a full day. 

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