Did you know?


• The abandoned Louisville and Nashville Railroad Yard was demolished to become the 70-acre site of the first ever World’s Fair in the South.


• True to its name, the World’s Fair Park was home to the 1982 World’s Fair Exhibition


• The theme was “Energy Turns the World”


• The Knoxville Sunsphere was constructed in 1981 for the fair


• The Sunsphere stands 266ft high and 26 stories tall


• The 4th floor offers a 360 view of Knoxville


• Each pane of glass is made of 24-karat gold


• During the opening ceremonies, a band played on the top of the Sunsphere


• President Ronald Reagan opened the fair at the Court of Flags on May 1st 1982. The fair officially closed 5 months later on October 1st 1982.


• Over 11million people from across the world traveled to Knoxville to visit the fair


•  The fair hosted 87,659 people on opening day


• The cost of an adult ticket was $9.95 and a children’s ticket was $8.25




• Sunsphere


• 216 -cubic foot Rubik’s Cube


• Strohaus Restaurant (now known as the Foundry)


• The Tennessee Amphitheater


• Petro’s

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